A Walk with Guru Nanak


A walk with Guru Nanak Game is premised on Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s 24 years long four spiritual journeys (UDASIS) to deliver the message of peace, love, equality, virtue, and compassion to humanity with his companion, Bhai Mardana. The aim of his sacred mission was to educate the masses residing in all four directions of the Indian Subcontinent and restore humanity in the midst of expanding ignorance and worldly attachments. This spiritual gameplay manifests into a moral exercise leading the players accountable for their actions. This simple, smooth moving game enables a player to view life through a viewfinder/ lens of fair and just thinking and also depends on luck and chance.


Thukral and Tagra and Kalgidhar Society collaboratively installed a life size game installation at renowned Gurudwaras to be played at special occasions to educate the masses about Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s 24 year long four spiritual journeys (Udasis).

The Kalgidhar Society – Baru Sahib is a non-profit charitable organization focussed on providing quality education to fight against the alarming rise in drugs and alcohol abuse. With equal stress on Healthcare, Women Empowerment, and Social Welfare, the organization has been instrumental in the socio-economic uplift of the poor in the far-flung rural areas of North India.

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Rakabganj Gurudwara, New Delhi, India

Anandpur Sahib Gurudwara

Bangla Sahib Gurudwara, New Delhi, India

Sirsa Gurudwara

Gurudwara Cheema Sahib Sangrur, Punjab

Kalgidhar Society, Baru Sahib DSGCM Sage, New Jersey



1. Each player begins the game from milestone 01.

2. Place the components as per the markings below.

  • a - Game Board
  • b - 4 pegs representing players
  • c - Boon/ Bane die
  • d - Nanak’s Vision Card Set (24 cards and a viewfinder)

Use this viewfinder to read through the illustrations on the 24 cards and seek blessings through Nanak’s divine vision.


Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s journey is explained through 24 parables (SAKHIS) through 24 milestones (24 locations), marked on the board as follows:

The game board has 4 sections UDASI - Travels and divine journey by Guru Nanak, 4 Udasis are divided into 6 Sakhis each.

SAKHI - Historical Narratives/ stories/ tales about moral lessons and principles by Gurus.

UDASI 1: Year 1497-1510
1. Kurukshetra, Haryana
2. Hardwar, Uttarakhand
3. Patna, Bihar
4. Eastern India
5. Jagannath Puri, Odisha
6. Jagannath Puri, Odisha

UDASI 2: Year 1510-1515
7. Sirsa, Haryana
8. Bikaner, Rajasthan
9. Central, India
10. Somnath, Gujarat
11. Sangladeep, Sri Lanka
12. Bidar, Karnataka

UDASI 3: Year 1516-1518
13. Sialkot, Pakistan
14. Gurudongmar, Sikkim
15. Leh, Ladakh
16. Mount Kailash, Tibbet
17. Kathmandu
18. Mattan, Kashmir

UDASI 4: Year 1518 - 1522
19. Mecca, Saudi Arabia
20. Mecca, Saudi Arabia
21. Baghdad, Iraq
22. Cairo, Egypt
23. Hasan Abdal, Pakistan
24. Saidpur, Pakistan


BANE: an offensive, evil act, curse, wrongdoing

BOON: a favor, benefit, help, power, aid, good deed, pious activity

RED LENS: Guru Nanak vision lens, use the lens to read the illustration on the Sakhi Card

SAKHI CARD: reads historical Narratives/ stories/ tales Guru Nanak Dev Ji

SEVA: community service

BLESSING: received a blessing from Baba Nanak

NAAM JAPO: to recite, to chant

Wonderful lord (one of main pillars of the teachings of Guru Nanak)

KIRAT KARO: to perform, to earn a living honestly (one of main pillars of the teachings of Guru Nanak)

VAND CHAKKO: to share what you have and to consume it together as a community (one of main pillars of the teachings of Guru Nanak)

CONFESS: admit/ reveal/ disclose a wrongdoing

ROLL AGAIN: roll the dice again


  1. Players to be seated along 4 sides of the game board.
  2. Begin the game by placing the 4 pegs on the marked circles.
  3. Roll the dice. Obtaining a BOON opens the game for each player.
  4. During the gameplay, perform the actions marked on the board by rolling the dice each time.
  5. Possible actions as you play: 1 point = 1 step
    • a) +x - move forward by as many steps
    • b) - x move backward by as many steps
    • c) If sent by another player the Boon/ Bane shall not be applicable to you, applicable only when you roll the dice.
  6. Play till last milestone 24 to seek blessings from all UDASIS given by Guru Nanak Dev Ji.