Weeping Farm Book

Published 2022

7inch X 9.75inch

275 pages

Cover: Xstella 300gsm

Paper: Xstella 120gsm

Binding: hard bound

Price: 2000/- INR

ISBN: 978-81-941750-6-3

Weeping Farm pinpoints the very aspect of the farmer’s fate: a life that hangs in limbo. A life that stages everyday battles of gender inequality, stagnating productivity, shrinking employment, food insecurity, privatisation, escalating indebtedness, and climate change. The book hosts 9 iterations (exhibitions) along with interactive engagements through which a reader can witness three segments of the artists’ practice coming together: a) long-standing interest in socio-economics of society; b) growing concern for research and lexicon building into the current systems; and, c) a desire to cognise the urgency using the metaphorical vocabulary of sports and play as a pedagogical tool.