Walk of Life Gameplay


Publisher: Thukral and Tagra

Year: 2020

Size: 30inch X 15inch

Box: Natural Evolution


Box Size: 15inch X 8inch

Printing: Offset

Color: Color

Game components:

Game Board

9 Pegs

1 Yuga Die

2 Number Dice

9 Avtar Card Set

3 Stamps

1 Stamp Pad

1 Karma Record Book

2 Pencils

Price: 3999/- INR

The Walk of Life game is premised upon the ancient Indian card game called Ganjifa deriving its narrative from the ten earthly incarnations of Lord Vishnu called Dashavatar. The avatars are also considered as the evolution of mankind: from fish to amphibian to mammal to human, and to a deity.

The gameplay manifests into an introspective exercise holding the players accountable for their actions and intent. It allows players to equalize their existing deeds of their Bad Karma with Good Karma.

The act of playing the game Walk of Life is a reflective exercise by building a community that is vulnerable yet comforting.